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What We Have To Offer

The Referral Program
How To Get Started
The Process

The Viatical Agent Referral Program Offers You:

Significant Income Potential
We offer a very competitive commission schedule, for you and your sub-agents.

Superior Client Tracking
We will ensure you receive accurate fees immediately after your client's fifteen day rescission period expires. This ensures that you would have no liabilities and your commission is non-retractable.

Mass Media Marketing Support
For over a decade we have marketed extensively to ensure awareness of our services. This will help you also with name recognition as you market viatical and senior life settlements.

Viatical & Senior Life Settlement Licenses
In most large states in the nation, viatical and senior life settlement transactions require licensing. We maintain the required licenses for safe and legal transactions.

Customer Satisfaction
By working with Individual Benefits, you can be assured of a satisfied client. We are proud of our impeccable reputation in the viatical and senior life settlement industry.


How To Implement Your New Found Product

The best way to approach the viatical and senior life settlement business is to do what you are best suited for: establish business relationships. As with any business you need a source for your product, a center for operations and an effort to reach the consumer. With Individual Benefits at your side, the sourcing and operations function is performed by a professional, well established firm. All you need to do is prospect.

More and more people are becoming aware of viatical and senior life settlements. The communication task is to inform as well as to motivate members of your business network. Networking in this field is very time sensitive.

The following is a short list of the criterion for life insurance settlements in general. We suggest that you create a link to this page to quickly answer many of the most important questions about life insurance settlements.

Insured Senior Citizens

Seniors represent the fastest growing demographic in the nation. Insured seniors are often willing to consider exiting their premium obligation in exchange for an acceptable settlement.

The most efficient way to assist these insured seniors is through networking. Seniors often revise their assets holdings, including the amount and need for life insurance coverage, with an Estate Planner and /or Attorney. Retiring businessmen often have large key-man life insurance policies that are no longer needed.

Life insurance agents can network with other agents to determine which policyholders may fit the age and health criteria necessary to qualify for a senior life settlement. A senior must be at least 65 years old with a life shortening condition or, if relatively healthy, at least 76 years old.

Insured Terminally-ill Patients

Each year two million Americans are diagnosed with a terminal illness, even more have chronic illnesses.

Generally these illnesses are financially devastating and will eventually keep people from being able to work. But still the every day expenses have to be paid.

The best way to contact terminally-ill insureds is through networking with support groups, employee benefit administrators, medical support personnel and insurance agents. Insurance agents often become aware of the insured's situation when their premium payment falters or when they are approached for information on financial help.

Give us a call. That is all you need to do to begin. We will take it over from there. It's really that simple.


If you are interested in marketing our product, we will train you and supply you with all materials and know-how. We will also supply you with easy registration forms so that we can track your commissions and ensure that you are the sole supplier of our services to your clients.


Where Would You Market Our Services?

Our product is a perfect addition for any employee benefit outline, and you can offer it free to any benefit administrator. All you do is make the information available to the benefit administrator.

Cancer Organizations
Insurance Agencies
Estate Planning Professionals


The Viatical Settlement: A Tax-Free Option

The Health Insurance Portability Act went into effect January 1st, 1997. Viatical settlements which closed after that date qualified for a federal tax exemption. There are two main stipulations to qualify. First, the viator has to be certified as terminally ill with a life expectancy of 24 months or less at the time of the transaction. Second, if a viator's state of residence requires the purchaser to be licensed, only transactions performed by licensed purchasers will be tax free to the seller.


How To Get Started

All you need to be able to offer life insurance settlements to your clients is to partner with a firm like Individual Benefits. Since 1992 Individual Benefits has helped thousands of individuals with the sale of their life insurance policies. Currently holding 18 viatical and senior life settlement licenses, Individual Benefits is your best conduit for legal, safe and successful settlements. For more information about Individual Benefits, please visit and


The Process

The process begins when an agent of a policy owner contacts us and requests information on viatical or senior life settlements. Along with information, we will mail a settlement application and medical and insurance information release forms.

Once the agent feels comfortable with our company, the viatical or senior life settlement process will begin when the policy owner returns the requested information. We will then verify insurance coverage, request medical records and prepare a case file to present to potential viatical or senior life settlement investment firms. This initiates the underwriting process. It is our responsibility to provide the most complete case information to the different investment firms so that they can make a fair and educated offer.

Once an offer has been given by a purchasing company, we will notify the agent. If the offer is accepted, we will notify the purchasing company of the seller's decision and begin the closing process.

The purchasing company then prepares a settlement contract stipulating the agreement reached with the viator (seller). Along with this purchasing contract, the seller will receive the insurance policy's change of ownership and beneficiary forms.

Once the purchasing company receives the completed settlement contract and the signed insurance forms, an escrow account is created with the settlement amount. For the seller's protection the transaction is always conducted through an independent third party escrow agent.

If all the required paperwork has been completed and received by the appropriate parties, the escrow agent will release the settlement funds to the viator within three business days of receiving the recorded change of ownership and beneficiary forms from the insurer.


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