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Viatical settlements and senior life settlements: an exciting opportunity for life insurance agents and financial planners. is the logical partner for your viatical settlement and senior life settlement needs. is the first case clearinghouse for life insurance agents and financial planners in the life insurance settlement industry. Our parent, Individual Benefits provides not only the necessary state licenses but also the negotiating leverage that comes with established, reputable industry leaders. Individual Benefits can underwrite all of your clients’ settlement needs. recognizes that client representatives have a better understanding of their client's needs. That's why provides our partners with extremely competitive flexible compensation structures, and active participation in obtaining the highest settlement amount for their client. For further information regarding agent compensation, please contact us at 800-800-3264. Your call will be answered promptly.

We would like to introduce you to an innovative financial and estate planning tool that financial professionals throughout the country are utilizing to increase their productivity. A Life Settlement offer an opportunity for you and your clients to benefit from no longer wanted or needed life insurance coverage. In simple terms, a Life Settlement is the sale of a life insurance policy that gives the policy owner a cash settlement in excess of the current cash surrender value. With a Life Settlement, you will not only keep the original policy in force, you will have an increased opportunity to sell additional products.

Life settlements are most successfully used in situations where your clients' circumstances or needs have changed. The following are some examples of how life settlements can be applied to you and your clients changing needs and goals.

As a financial professional, you can:

  • Reduce lapse rates
  • Sell more needed or cost effective life products or annuities
  • Provide liquidity for other investment opportunities
  • Make high commissions on Life Settlement transactions as well as commissions on annuities or LTC policies purchased with the settlement amount
  • Keep renewal and trailer incomes

Benefits to your policy holder:

  • Generate significantly higher settlements than CSV in many cases
  • Estate size changes creating the need for a larger or smaller face value to cover taxes
  • Fund new, better-suited life product
  • Eliminate existing debt
  • Funds for a charitable gift / Gift to family members
  • Create funds to invest elsewhere
  • Purchase long term care insurance or annuity
  • Relieve senior policy holders of a premium they can no longer afford while offering significant cash settlement for the purchase of their policy

In addition, there are many business applications for a Life Settlement. Often times, businesses carry Key-man insurance that is no longer needed. Perhaps Bankruptcy has created a need for liquidation, or simply cash is needed to pay off company debt. The difference between taking a Life Settlement and surrendering a policy for cash value can be dramatic. A case in point follows: In a recent settlement, a female insured aged 82 with a $2 million dollar policy (which had a cash surrender value of $58, 303), received $840,000 for her policy!

Life Settlements represent a new and tremendous profit opportunity. Insurance and financial professionals who recognize this opportunity share a common approach when marketing to and reviewing their existing client base for potential Life Settlements. Clients age 70 and above should be reviewed and a life settlement considered if any of the following apply to their situation:

•  They are affected by new estate tax reductions

•  They need more insurance coverage

•  They want to cancel existing life insurance coverage

•  They have changes in their health status since they purchased the original policy

•  They are unable to afford coverage on the policy, or are looking for a way to fund an LTC policy

As you can see, a Life Settlement transaction makes a great tool for clients in many different situations by providing senior clients an opportunity to sell their life insurance for returns greater than cash surrender values. Individual Benefits, Inc. is excited to offer the most complete, full service, Life Settlement program found today in the Life Settlement industry. Our competitive bidding process coupled with financial advisor marketing materials and our volume and experience ensures the best possible Life Settlement to you and your client .

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